Jan 08 2021

Locally’s Partnership with Board Retailers Association

Locally and Board Retailers Association join forces

By Calista Tufankjian   Communications | Business Development

Jump on Board: Locally and The Board Retailers Association (BRA) have teamed up to help brands and retailers work closer together. The mission of this new partnership is to better support an organization that advocates for local retailers in the boardriding industries. BRA provides valuable marketing and merchandising resources to board specialty retailers. Together, this partnership will bring greater benefits and awareness to our extensive network of retailers and brands.

About Board and Retailer Association: BRA is a nonprofit trade association that supports board retailers across the United States. The organization’s mission is to provide powerful tools to retailers and help them limit everyday costs of business operations. BRA and Locally’s missions are culturally aligned making this a natural partnership.

According to Doug Works, the Executive Director of Board Retailers Association (BRA), “The benefits of Locally complement the sweet mix of BRA Retail Member rewards very well. Locally makes it easy for retailers to get their stock showing online in multiple places with just one point-of-sale connection. Getting involved with Locally will attract new shoppers and help our retailers to expand.”

Learn About Retailer Benefits: Locally helps retailers surface their in-stock merchandise to nearby online shoppers by using digital marketing tactics; merging brand-provided digital product content with POS inventory data. The platform keeps the workload for stores low while driving new online shoppers into the door. Locally also makes it really simple for any-size retailer to offer in-store or curbside pickup and/or same day delivery to their community.

Retailer’s Thoughts: Locally proudly works with Flip Flop Shops, the one stop shop for footwear! Locally handles all of Flip Flop Shops locator services, their e-commerce site and also powers their local shop pages. This allows their franchises to post all of their local inventory to capture in-store sales. Dylan Vroom, Director of Franchise Training, at Flip Flop Shops, expressed his overall satisfaction with Locally. Dylan highly recommends Locally to other brands and retailers. He pointed out that, “The capabilities that the platform has built are simple and easy to use”. Dylan shared that, “Locally has become increasingly more important throughout the pandemic and has provided multiple avenues for sales to come in for local shops''. Locally works to make shopping as easy as possible for everyone involved!

Dylan also pointed out that,“Locally’s team has created custom solutions for Flip Flop Shop’s complex franchise model and made compromises that work specifically for us and our shop owners ”. He also discussed the endless options that Locally has to offer, from reserve online, pick-up in store and even curb-side pick-up.


Yes! Locally also Benefits Brands: The best way for a brand to build Customer Lifetime Values (CLV) is to ensure that shoppers have a perpetually-optimized path to buying the brand’s products. Optimizing for an increasingly-omnichannel shopper means empowering the shopper to find and buy your products in a way that works best for them every time. And, with 90% of retail happening in brick-and-mortar, that means online-to-nearby is the most important channel.

Joining Forces: The Brand-Retailer relationship is crucial especially in these challenging times. Everything comes together when retailers share their inventory and brands promote shopping locally. The main objective of the Locally and BRA partnership is to help these brands and retailers maintain success.

BRA Member Benefits: By opting into the Board Retailer Association membership this gives you access to Locally.com and enables you to onboard for free! Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity.

About Locally:

Locally was founded in 2014 in anticipation of changes in consumer behavior. We saw that shoppers were turning to internet-connected devices for decision making and that increasingly nearby stores, the brands they carry, and their on-hand inventory were invisible to shoppers. So we built a solution. Today, we help thousands of stores present their selection to nearby shoppers using ecommerce tactics and we provide users with novel last-mile fulfillment options like in-store pickup and same-day delivery.

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