Dec 29 2020

New Premier Connection: Epicor Eagle

Use Epicor Eagle's Compass tool to send data to Locally

By Tom Whelan   Retailer Activation Manager

All Locally requires from retailers in order to push their stock to hundreds of brand sites,, Facebook, Google, and more are two columns: [UPC,quantity on hand] (Price is optional). If you're a retailer using Epicor Eagle in your store(s), you can use their Compass tool to set up automatic exports via FTP or email and transmit your inventory to Locally.

Here's how:

  1. Create a query in Compass that contains the required inventory data fields (UPC code and Quantity Available). image
  2. Create a schedule for automated uploads. Ex: every two hours from 4am until 9pm
  3. Create a task using the Task Wizard that runs the query using the schedule you created, and set it to FTP using the credentials (or via email to your assigned email address). Generate your Locally FTP credentials here: If you have any trouble signing into with your auto-generated credentials, please email image
  4. Email Locally at when you're done so that we can complete the setup on our end.

About Tom Whelan

Tom has been with Locally since early 2017 and heads up the retailer activation team. Bringing value to shoppers and brand clients alike, Tom strategizes effective ways to ensure that key retail partners are taking advantage of Locally's premium tools installed on hundreds of brand websites.   View all posts by Tom

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