Feb 18 2021

Run Specialty Embraces Online Purchasing 

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By Calista Tufankjian   Communications | Business Development

The running industry continues stepping in the right direction. Locally and the Running Industry Association have maintained a partnership for several years working together to support those within the running community. Locally’s tools are here to help industry partners flourish. Locally gives Run shops an online platform for their consumers to discover and purchase local stock from online search.

COVID-19 has converted many retailers to focus on their e-commerce platforms. Locally is the intersection where brands, shoppers and retailers meet. Our company stands by the value of shopping locally. We will continue to help consumers connect to nearby brands and in-stock products at their favorite local stores.

Locally is very excited to be included in SGB Media’s article highlighting the importance of having an online purchase option within the running industry. We take pride in helping consumers connect to nearby brands and in-stock products at their favorite local stores. This partnership has been exceedingly rewarding as we have seen the running industry embrace our technology more and more overtime.

Read more details about the success of our partnership on SGB:

Check out Locally.com to learn more about how to become involved:

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